The Practical Disciplines

Practice – From the Latin prāctica, meaning the art of practical work.
Probative – From the Latin probātīvus, meaning assessment or examination.
– Directive – From the Latin dīrēctīvus, meaning to align and focus toward a given objective or result.
– Perfective – From the Latin perfectīvus, meaning conducive to perfection or completion.

Create Your Scene!

— 310 Probative (The Assessment Phase)
——311 Objectives
——312 Resources
——313 Measures

— 320 Directive (The Purposeful Plan)
——321 Strategize
——322 Organize
——323 Rehearse

— 330 Perfective (The Virtuous Cycle)
——331 Review
——332 Optimize
——333 Execute

From managing our allotment of time to the players on our team, we can always do better. Success, by any given measure, is largely a matter of personal and team discipline.